Welcome Faultless Heavy Spray

Faultless Brands
A.S. May is excited to be representing Faultless Spray Starch in Ontario stores. Get that professional look without the professional price.
  • Helps clothes look new
  • Dry cleaner results for less
  • Odor-neutralizing technology
  • Makes ironing faster and easier
  • Imparts a freshly-laundered scent
  • Use on cotton, wool, and other washable fabrics
Can be found at:
  • Zehrs
  • Your Independent Grocer
  • Loblaws
  • Provigo
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Real Atlantic Superstore
  • No Frills
Looking forward to building the brand image and strengthening their market share.


Happy Selling!
A.S. May Team

A.S. May Welcomes Crisco

Crisco Logo

A.S. May is proud to welcome Crisco into our amazing family of quality products. A.S. May will represent Crisco for all of our valued Ontario retailers as of Aug 3, 2021

Crisco® All-Vegetable Shortening is ideal for baking and frying. Our classic No-Fail Pie Crust recipe makes light and flaky pastry every time.

    • Plant-Based versus Lard
    • Very high awareness and loyalty with Canadian consumers
    • Golden Buttery Crisco delivers a creamier end result.
    • Fluffo heritage in Eastern Canada remains strong with loyalists

Happy Selling!
A.S. May Team

Top 10 Principals of Strong Brands

1)  Clarity – What will the brand stand for in terms of value, positioning and proposition?
2)  Commitment – What support will brand receive in terms of time, influence and investment?
3)  Protection – What will we do for legal protection, design, proprietary ingredients or packaging?
4)  Responsiveness – How will we respond to market changes, challenges and opportunities? How will be evolve and stay relevant?
5)  Authenticity – What is our heritage and will we define our well grounded value set? What is our internal truth and capability?
6)  Relevance – What will our fit be consumer/customer needs, desires and decision making criteria? What is the role of your brand within the category and in the consumers eyes?
7)  Differentiation – How will we differentiate ourselves from the competition?
8)  Consistency – How do we ensure experience is consistent every time?
9)  Presence – How do we ensure consumer has positive opinion across all spectrums?
10)  Understanding – How will we be sure to get brand recognized and understand with indepth knowledge of qualities and characteristics