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Through our Mantis™ Management System, AS May Powell sets up the information that will appear in the MantisMobile App located on the iPads utilized by the Territory Managers. The Mantis App houses all the essential product information needed to service all our Clients. Here we manage all product information, store information, promotional calendar and messages sent to the field.

How it works:

Once all Product, Client and Customer data is downloaded into the system:

1.  We first set up a tasks and surveys.
2.  We then assign them to our field team.
3.  Data gets collected quickly and easily.
4.  Progress  is tracked.
5.  If there’s a problem an alert can be sent where it’s needed in real time.
6.  We also have the ability to pull customized reports to show results and help grow your business.

Basically, it’s a comprehensive framework that helps ask questions and get answers so we can quickly and consistently take action.

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