1)  Clarity – What will the brand stand for in terms of value, positioning and proposition?
2)  Commitment – What support will brand receive in terms of time, influence and investment?
3)  Protection – What will we do for legal protection, design, proprietary ingredients or packaging?
4)  Responsiveness – How will we respond to market changes, challenges and opportunities? How will be evolve and stay relevant?
5)  Authenticity – What is our heritage and will we define our well grounded value set? What is our internal truth and capability?
6)  Relevance – What will our fit be consumer/customer needs, desires and decision making criteria? What is the role of your brand within the category and in the consumers eyes?
7)  Differentiation – How will we differentiate ourselves from the competition?
8)  Consistency – How do we ensure experience is consistent every time?
9)  Presence – How do we ensure consumer has positive opinion across all spectrums?
10)  Understanding – How will we be sure to get brand recognized and understand with indepth knowledge of qualities and characteristics