Why are Food
Brokers relevant?

Manufacturers are saving on sales cost: 

  • Manufacturers don’t always have the means or the will to have a large sales force  
  • Instead of hiring permanent staff in their sales department, manufacturers often revert to brokers
  • Paying a small commission on actual sales and have a much higher return on investment.  
  • With savings on salary and benefits, and with a higher ROI related to sales, the manufacturers can invest back into their cost of goods and offer more competitive pricing.

Buyers are not wasting precious time:

  • Category buyers, especially with big chains, are being bombarded continuously by sellers who want to discuss product listings, promotions, or new launches.
  • More often than not, they will deal with the people they know and already do business with a long standing relationship.
  • Sadly, many new products never make it on the shelves because of this lack of time.   
  • This is where the brokers can bring value:  a good broker can do all of the groundwork and bring an almost “turn-key” offer to the buyer

Brokers reduce cost and increase profitability.  The saving on salary, benefits, travel costs, as well as the increased sales opportunity, outweigh the small commission that would be paid for our services.

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