Dave Cardy

Chairman & CEO

With A.S. May since 1979

An A.S. May Sales Professional

“Treat your customers like friends and friends like customers and things pretty much have a way of working out.”

Dave Hibbard

V.P. of Buisness Development

With A.S. May since 1985

The Follow Up Guru - Follow up is key. With many, you have to be persistant and determined. My colleagues, clients and customers appreciate it.

"A will finds a way."

Michael Ward

Senior Account Manager

With A.S. May since 2015

Social Butterfly - Clear and concise, with a little bit of banter

"Change the things you can, change your attitude about the things you can't."

Karen Ballard

Retail Sales Manager

With A.S. May since 1997

A Curious Mind - A mind that opens up to new ideas never returns to its original size. Actively involved in all things retail.

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."

Navdeep Singh

Retail Systems Data Manager

With A.S. May since 2018

The Mantis Gate-Keeper - I am a great multi-tasker and hold the keys to our retail sales system, Mantis.

"I will get it done!"

Janet Dean

Client Coordinator

With A.S. May since 2000

The Glue - The best decision I made was accepting a great position with A.S. May 16 years ago. Throughout my career I have been known to be organized, having a great eye for detail and great at multitasking.

"Just ask."

Andrew Oziewicz

National Account Manager

With A.S. May since 2009

35 years in the business and continues to be “motivated” by putting deals together that are a mutual win for both parties.

Cari Reed

Account Manager

With A.S. May since 2015

I am proactive, balanced, creative, dedicated, cheerful, co-operative, outgoing and sporty.

"Be credible, be kind, work hard, enjoy family and life."

Dianne Swanson

Territory Manager - GTA East

With A.S. May since 1995

I have an excellent attention to detail. I am thorough in all my stores and enjoy the relationships I've built with grocery managers over the years.

"Inspect what you expect."

Ingrid Blodgett

Territory Manager - Peterborough, Durham & surrounding

With A.S. May since 2014

I am committed and enjoy being a part of the A.S. May team. I have a very bubbly personality with a good sense of humour

"One day at a time."

Maurice Pelletier

Territory Manager - Ottawa

With A.S. May since 2016

Mantis Field Tester - Driving sales in Ottawa and the Valley.

"Continuous improvement is an unending journey."

Nancy Borges

Director of Sales

With A.S. May since 2003

Master of All Trades - Dynamic, loyal and hardworking.

"Be so good, they can't ignore you."

Barbara Donald

Senior Analytical Manager

With A.S. May since 2001

Ace Reporter - Passionate about reporting, I create reports everyday from different systems used for sales analysis. I'm a stickler for detail and precision.

"I am extremely appreciative of the freedom to challenge myself, I love getting involved in different projects, and so for me, I love my job."

Eileen MacKinnon

Human Resources / Accounting Manager

With A.S. May since 1984

Avid Toronto sports fan, especially hockey and baseball, Go Leafs and Go Jays! I am pleasant, helpful and have a great sense of humour.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Brian Smyth

Account Manager / Territory Manager (Toronto West)

With A.S. May since 1971

As a native of Ireland, I think the customers like to buy from me because of my friendly demeanor and my accent!

"I have been with A.S. May a long time, there is a reason for that."

Denise Baker

Territory Manager (North Central Ontario)

With A.S. May since 2012

Northern Girl - I love the daily challenges and interactions with customers and I'm committed to doing the best job I can to ensure our customers are fully satisfied and happy.

"Your smile is your Logo."

Heather MacLeod

Territory Manager - Port Rowan to Goderich to Tobermory

With A.S. May since 2001

Enthusiastic, creative and always looking for a new way to promote products off shelf and around the stores.

J. Aime Lapalme & Sons

Retail Sales Specialists for the Northern Ontario Market

Associated with AS May since 1986

Lapalme & Sons share the same culture and values as A.S. May, we enjoy working together and plan on continuing this strong relationship for many years to come.

Thomas Schmidt

Territory Manager - Niagara Region

With A.S. May since 2014

The Fisherman - If I'm not working actively in the stores and engaging with grocery managers, I'm fishing or kayaking or both!

"You are only given a little spark of madness, you mustn't lose it."

Tracy Kemp

Territory Manager - Kingston

With A.S. May since 2015

I have a habit of talking too much on occasion which works well for my career choice. I'm a "multi-taskenator". I love taking care of people and I'm always eager to help someone in need.

"Always be as honest, thoughtful and kind as you can be."

Laurie Huggett

Territory Manager / Southwestern Ontario

With A.S. May since 2018

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